Cool Light

3Roses-3-G16I’m experimenting with transparent vs opaque paint. (The transparent goes on first. Then the opaque. Resist the temptation to totally cover it. :^) ) Some of my favorite artists paint this way. (Check out Tibor Nagy’s work.)

I also changed up the temperature of the light. Tipically my paintings have warm light. Here the light is cool. It’s particularly noticeable where the light hits the leaves and the color shifts blue-green.

Art Show in Beaufort, NC

Blue Pail30x30-7L15

Sometimes you just click with a place. One of those places for me has been Beaufort, NC. This historic, coastal town is populated with the friendliest people. I was introduced to Beaufort in 2001 when I was the “Beaufort Wine & Food” featured artist and have been back every year since!

Things to do in Beaufort:

  • Tour the town in an open-air, double-decker British bus
  • View artifacts from Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne’s revenge, at the Maritime Museum
  • Sail on a catamaran to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse
  • Visit nearby Fort Macon and learn about its Civil War engagement
  • Come to my art reception, Friday, July 15th at Craving Art Studio where you’ll see the above painting, Blue Pail, and others. The show will be up through July 29th.

Have a great summer!
~ Trisha

Hydrangeas and Copper Pitcher

ASH Demo20x16-C16

I taught a one-week workshop in Herndon, VA last week and this is one of the two demonstration paintings. The other was a landscape which I failed to photograph. This painting helped me talk about connecting the light and shadow shapes, choosing a focal point (the hydrangea on the left), how to make a focal point, how you use elements of the composition to direct the viewer to the focal point and, oh yeah, the color of the light. :^)